Progressive Cinema

Date: Last Tuesday of the month. 
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: McCrossin’s Mill Museum, Salisbury Street, Uralla
Entry: Free!  (donations are welcome).

Each film is about either freedom, environmental issues, or social justice. They are all documentaries of a high standard, and ones not generally seen in commercial cinemas.

You are welcome to bring a drink and some nibblies while you enjoy the movie.  Details of each movie will be added as they are confirmed.

2018 Dates

27 FebruaryThe Shock Doctrine

27 March - Stop Adani, A Mighty Force

24 April - More than Honey

29 May - Sacrifice Zone

26 June - Chauka, Please Tell Us The Time 

31 July - Ningla A-Na: Hungry for Our Land

28 Aug - Monsieur Mayonnaise

25 Sept - Sweet Country

30 Oct - America's Renewable Energy Boom

27 Nov - Food Inc

Documentary filmmaker Robert Kenner examines how mammoth corporations have taken over all aspects of the food chain in the United States, from the farms where our food is grown to the chain restaurants and supermarkets where it's sold. Narrated by author and activist Eric Schlosser, the film features interviews with average Americans about their dietary habits, commentary from food experts like Michael Pollan and unsettling footage shot inside large-scale animal processing plants. 

Food Inc does not address food systems in other countries. So, how relevant is its analysis to the Australian context?

When we consider Australian circumstances such as the huge proportion of chicken meat sourced from intensive chicken factories, the duopoly controlling approximately 75% of the food retail sector and the pervasive influence of food industry interests in state and commonwealth food regulation committees, the answer is ‘very relevant’. 

Contact details

Louis van Ekert