The Bridge Project

Date: Sunday, 23 April 2017
Time: 3.00pm
Venue: McCrossin's Mill Museum, Salisbury Street, Uralla
Entry: $25 and $20 members/concession at the door

This is an interesting one.
The Bridge Project is a new musical collective which expands upon the idea of the musical bridge, bringing together seemingly disparate cultures and personalities, to create a singular, cohesive unit. Comprised of a Turkish Muslim, an Australian Christian, and an Israeli Jew, The Bridge Project does more than cross a chasm; The Bridge Project eliminates it entirely.

The members of The Bridge Project met through their mutual work for audio software developer Waves, recipient of a 2011 Technical GRAMMY® Award. Despite the fact that the project’s three members had never met in person, that did not prevent them from embarking together on a mutual journey, recording their album of acoustic music with the help of their personal home studios and the internet.

For a bit over a year, they sent each other multitrack recording files and communicated through email and Skype. Though they came from different cultures and musical backgrounds, their long-distance collaborations bridged the gaps between them, resulting in a harmonious mixture of multicultural musical magic.

Contact details
M: 0414 837 367